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leads by a point. in virginia he is up by four points. and romney has visited the state nine times since february. paul ryan has been there five times. and this is just sweet. ryan's home state of wisconsin, the president is now up by six points. the romney yacht has clearly hit troubled waters, and now some prominent republicans are running for the lifeboats. yesterday linda mcman of connecticut and susanna martinez both distances themselves. and so did scott brown of massachusetts. and said he declined to even say whether he still supports romney. browns spokesman clarified later, saying that brown does support romney. but it doesn't thenned. nevada senator, dean heller told "politico," quote . . . >> jennifer: nice. today, new hampshire republican gubernatorial candidate, said, quote, there's no 47% in new hampshire as far as i'm concerned. and then in north carolina mark meadows said . . . >> jennifer: and they just keep piling on. former virginia congressman tom davis was asked what sort of candidate would make a remark like that? a he told "politico," quote
in that turnout parity, if you will, a lower african-american turnout in states like ohio, virginia, and the state of north carolina could, in fact, affect the outcome of the election in a dramatic way because the margins were indeed so close. african-american voters are very important part of the voting block in place like northeastern ohio, in places like throughout the state of virginia and certainly in north carolina. so many people have a focus on those states and we released that report because sometimes we think there's a certain i think, narrow perception of who swing voters are. elections are not only who people will vote for but who will come out to vote. and that's why so much of our effort is about ensuring high voter turnout all across the board. >> jennifer: that is an interesting and important way of redefining what a swing voter is or what the type of voter is who could swing the election is. the urban league actually initiated an occupy the vote campaign earlier this year. and is that what you hope to acco
,000 new jobs for colorado. create over 340,000 new jobs for virginia. >> jennifer: so all of these very specific numbers, how can he estimate the jobs numbers without a plan? >> i have no idea how he estimated those numbers, but i do know he doesn't have a credible plan. the one plan he has basically put out there in some detail is his budget plan, and if you look at that you can see he created a huge hole in the deficit, he has to slash other government programs. he has to slash the kind of employment we're talking about today by 40%, put a tax on the middle class estimated about $2,000 a year in order to pay for tax cuts at the top. the whole program that he has put out there with not a lot of details, however, enough detail to say those numbers are not based on a credible plan. >> jennifer: and he is running these ads like crazy. and larry i think there's an ad in the making from something that president clinton said. take a listen. >> since 1961 for 52 years now, the republicans have held the white house 28 years, the democrats 24. in those 52 years, our pri
, in virginia he is doing all right. this is similar to what the president's numbers are in virginia. is this -- can we move that? can he flip that? >> i think independent voters in virginia with quite different from independent voters in ohio. in ohio it's trending so favorably for the president right now that people are even considering taking it off the swing state list. but in virginia you done have the independent auto workers. it's very rural -- it's a different -- >> jennifer: it is a different dynamic. after this week, guys. the question we had last night because these polls are trending very much in the president's favor. is there anything that can shake this momentum that the president has? can romney stop this trajectory from happening? >> absolutely. i think the first debate is key. the first debate is the only one that matters, and this will be the first time we have seen these guys next to each other, and for the people who are undecided or wobbly that's a key moment. >> jennifer: you agree? >> i agree. >> jennifer: anything else external that right hap
, and virginia this year. and the romney campaign paid sproul an additional $70,000 for five month's of work but he is being investigated again. florida election officials aledge that sproul's company submitted over 100 fraudulent registrations this year. they dismissed the incident of this fraud as the case of quote, one bad apple in an organization. this from the party that has otherwise by screaming about voter fraud all year. when it comes to voter fraud me thinks the republican party protest too much. joining me now is lee fang, who has been writing about the issue for "the nation" magazine. great to have you back inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> nathan sproul as you mentioned worked for republicans for years, and there were allegations back in 2004. this came up in oregon minnesota, west virginia pennsylvania, and there are many other types of hijinks that have been associated with his firm. so the republicans wanted to hire him, just didn't want to be connected with his name. the l.a. times reported today that sproul was actually asked by the r
, north carolina, virginia new hampshire ohio, wisconsin, iowa, colorado, nevada. those 11 -- excuse me, those nine states total 110 electoral votes up for grabs. up here has got the electoral countdown based on the red and blue. doesn't have the yellow states in it. so obama right now ahead 237 electoral votes to romney's 191. of course, you need 270 to be able to clinch a nomination. so i want to share with you polls that were released this past week. some today. some over the past few days. it gives you an indication of how the electoral map changes when the polls are added. so virginia, so if i'm going to put virginia in romney's camp because today marketing came out with a poll that says romney beats obama today 49% to 44%. 13 electoral votes to romney's total. ohio, that goes to obama. same polling. gravis marketing. obama, 43. that adds 18 electoral votes to obama's column. north carolina, north carolina we're going to get to obama. 1 point romney. that was yesterday. yesterday was also florida.
. he's leading romney 49% to 44% in florida. and virginia. and those polls were conducted sunday through tuesday before romney's missteps and the embassy attack thing that he goofed. so there are also new numbers for two other swing states in colorado, a keating research on-site poll put the president at 49% and romney at 44% and that's also among likely voters. and then in new hampshire the wmur granite state poll shows president obama leading mitt romney 45% to 44%. all of them, 5% or more lead shown by the president. the numbers do not lie. now, if you add all of those data polling points together, it would mean an electoral college landslide for the president. okay. hit the pause button. that doesn't mean it's a done deal for sure. as we learned over the last 48 hours, a lot can happen over the next 54 days. but polling prognosticators are making it clear that romney is staring at very long odds and a very steep climb. "the new york times"' own election forecaster nate silver breaks it down like this.
. a romney supporter ecoed that same nonsense. >> jennifer: he is going to carry virginia in a landslide. okay. not everybody right-winger is on board with that crazy train. chris wallace became the unlikely voice of reason today on mike gallagher's conservative talk radio show. >> i think romney -- i don't know that it is any great headline is in trouble. >> where do you get that from? what do you mean romney is in trouble? because of this poll manipulation crap -- >> this poll stuff is the -- the criticism of the polls is craziness. they are telling a story, and the story at this point is that romney is losing. >> jennifer: fox new's own poll agrees that the president is ahead. it found that the president was up by five points and that's roughly the same as what those other totally biased polls found, those polls from the socialist mouthpiece bloomberg news. but just watch fox and friends try to squirm out of that up with. >> the problem is they are skewed. >> our signs isn't skewed -- >> though polls -- the -- they are overpolling democrats. >> jennifer: okay. th
, democratic senator robert byrd was hospitalized. he was from west virginia and basically out of commission. whilele the president's number on paper was 59 senators, he was really working with just 58. then in july, minnesota senator al franken finally was sworn in. now that one gave the president the magic 60, but only in theory because senator byrd was still out hospitalized, and then one month later, in august, senator ted kennedy broke our hearts and passed away. the number of democratic senators went back down to 59 again, still no fill buster-proof super majority, and then one month after this, paul kirk was sworn in to fill ted kennedy's seat, a democratic filling in again. that, however only lasted a short amount of time, because on the fourth of february, 2010, any pretense of a super majority ended when republican scott brown was sworn in to senator kennedy's once seat. do you see a two year super majority? i don't think so. for more on mitt romney's secrets answered lice, we go to washington d.c. and michael tomasky. welcome back inside the war room. >> always a pleasure, hi. >>
and they continue to move. i think he has a better chance in colorado and nevada than ohio. first of all, virginia is another chance where it can go either way. >> jennifer: if he gets virginia. >> then he's close. then he has to win either one of those two then he wins. >> jennifer: that's a tall order, man. >> that's how i start it. that is a tall order. in ohio, they have to come back in ohio. >> jennifer: christine, of course we said last night if he losses florida romney has to run the tables. >> pretty much has the run the table. which is why it's unfortunate for him that he made all of his mistakes about libya today in the state of florida where everybody could see that. >> jennifer: we're going to talk about libya in just one second. i want to you live to a commercial that he has--that obama is starting to run in swing states. take a listen. >> mitt romney, he won't reveal what is in his taxes and he won't tell you what he would do to yours. to pay for huge new tax breaks for millionaires like him romney would have to raise taxes on the middle middle class. >> jennifer: so this issue, and
. this weekend romney appeared with televangelist pat robertson in virginia. he gave this speech that was laced with religious references and questions about the president president's patriotism >> romney: we're a nation by god. one nation, indivisible i will not divide this nation. i will not abollize for america -- apologize for america abroad and i will not apologize for america here at home. >> jennifer: apologize. who's doing that? throw some of that red bheat out there to rally the base of your party. get tea partiers, evangelicals fired up, get them to the polls. that's rallying the right. suppressing the left is a last-ditch effort go it those first two tactics fail. so the left, of course, are us progressives. go you can't win by having more votes, make sure the other guys don't get to vote. in other words cheat. voting rights are in jeopardy across this country from the 750,000 beam who are going to be disenfranchised by the voter law and by florida's voter purge. today, the nonprofit group common cause cam
. out today, the president leads romney 48 to 44%. and in virginia romney lags 3 points behind the president. 43 to 46. but people remember do not! i repeat -- do not put the cart before the horse. joining us from berkeley is former labor secretary robert reich. thanks for sticks around because you wrote a great opinion piece in huntington post. tell us what your reaction is when you hear the pundits saying it isover. >> it's not over. don't be complaisant out there. we have two more jobs reports coming. those reports, if they are as bad as the august reports -- and they may be given what is happening in europe, china is slowing down a lot -- japan -- all around the world we have economic problems. given that, that may be that these job reports are not so good. they may give credence for romney to say they are not what they should be. >> jennifer: before you give me other reasons though, stop on that for one second. do you with your knowledge because obviously you are an economy guy. with your knowledge of what is going on, do you expect those next two repo
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)